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Electric and Upright Bass Lessons in Colorado

Accomplished musician and instructor, Matt Human, offers private music lessons in the Denver and Boulder County areas for both electric bass guitar and upright bass. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned performer, Matt can help you learn the basics, improve your technique, and master your instrument.

Matt Human teaches an upright bass lesson
Upright Bass Lesson at The Broadway Music School 2015

Matt has taught bass lessons since 2004, he is motivated by the love of teaching and the enjoyment of seeing musical growth of students. Matt has created a comprehensive curriculum that includes his own Method Book with play along tracks.

The three focus areas of lessons are the mastery of the chords: major, minor, dominant, minor flat five, & diminished in all twelve keys. Reading music: notes, chord symbols, rhythms etc. Technique: physically using your hands and body to play the bass.

The concept of chords starts simple, knowing the notes of the chord, and the visual shape, practicing it until it can be played effortlessly in all 12 keys. The goal for the student is to build muscle memory and connect it with the sound (major chord, minor chord, etc).  These chord shapes can be built upon, using approach notes, scale notes etc, the possibilities are in limitless. For the student mastery of the chords is a solid musical foundation that can be applied to all music. It also is great ear training, being able to recognize what chords sound like by ear is beneficial for any musician.

Technique is developed using awareness and discipline. Students are initially instructed on the fundamentals of how to play the bass, and are continually encouraged during lessons to observe and adhere to these fundamentals. Development occurs through using the technique fundamentals during study of the chords, and study of written music. With consistency and practice the physical aspect of technique develops quickly and becomes second-nature.

Reading music helps students develop musicianship skills that are otherwise not available. The ability to look at written notes on a page and play those notes on an instrument in a musical way is the result of having and organized approach. Understanding what the notes are, where they are on the instrument, and having the ability to physically play the notes is the first step. Students initially  develop reading skill through etudes in the Bass Method book.

Bass Lessons Colorado location

Convenient for all areas of Denver and Boulder

  • Home Studio in 72nd & Wadsworth area of Arvada: from Denver ( I70 & Wadsworth) From Boulder (US 36 & Sheridan)

Teaching Experience

  • (2011-2015) The Broadway Music School (Denver, CO)
  • (2013-2016) Spring Creek Music (Louisville Co)
  • (2011-2013) Premier Bass Guitars (Superior, CO)
  • (2007-2009) Graduate Teaching Assistant University of Louisville (Louisville, KY)
  • (2004-2007) Cincinnati Music Academy (Cincinnati, OH)


Bass Fundamentals Videos

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Lesson Reviews

5 / 5

I sought out Matt for music instruction after 10 years of playing and learning on my own. Matt’s knowledge of music and passion for the instrument are exceeded by only his ability to ignite that same passion in you.

When studying with Matt you will quickly learn the bassics of the instrument and then go into the nuances. You will be able to think as a musician rather than only a bass player. Matt is nothing short of excellent and even the best of words here cannot say how much I value my time learning with him.

Also – you will often have the chance to hear Matt play live where you will see what you’re learning in action and meet other students. The friends you make along the way are priceless!

5 / 5

Matt is an excellent teacher. He teaches not only the instrument with an eye for detail and technique but musicality as well. Training with Matt has helped me understand music theory, which has been a mystery to me for 35 years. Now what I have learned translates into the other instruments I play and has given me a foundation to work in any music style I wish to pursue.

5 / 5

I have really enjoyed the year I’ve been working with Matt. He works hard to teach the underpinnings of music theory to allow a deeper relationship with the music, and challenges me with new information each lesson. He is always generous with his time and very encouraging regardless of the amount of time I’ve had to practice.

5 / 5

I’ve been receiving lessons from Matt for almost a year. Each lesson leaves me with a much better understanding of music theory. He is flexible and generous with schedules and very patient in the exercises, licks, and examples that are discussed throughout lessons. Matt is always bringing new challenges and notices areas of opportunity to help improve my bass playing and musicianship.

5 / 5

Matt has been a great instructor, particularly for filling in the gaps of being primarily self-taught for many years. He breaks down reading, theory, and technique in ways that make sense. Even though he teaches from a jazz perspective, the skills learned apply to any genre of music.

5 / 5

I have been a student of Mr. Human since January of 2013. I have progressed from being klutzy with an instrument to becoming comfortable with the basics of bass playing. Mr. Human is extremely patient with his students and I never feel or am made to feel stupid about not understanding the concepts of playing an instrument. I have had and will continue to have an EXTREMELY positive experience learning to play bass. I wish my instructors in school had been like him. Thanks Matt

5 / 5

I’ve worked with Matt for over 9 months. I have noticeably improved in the time that we have worked together. He is a good communicator, and a very skilled musician. We’ve covered technique, theory, and reading. Matt is a patient and positive instructor, which is really important especially in teaching beginners.

5 / 5

Matt is a patient yet driving coach. His knowledge of the musical language and bass is vast and deep. He was able to determine my level and slide me into his process with in a few minutes. That just so happened to be page one for me! Matt was able to fill in the gaps of my musical language. I had spent several years and finally hit a dead end with the instrument. He showed me how to read music in a very easy and fluid way. He also showed me the importance of reading music to develop new ways of looking at the fret board and learning new sounds. Matt is a master instructor and will be able to help you now matter what your level of playing is. He has given me a life time of skills and things to work on in a matter of one year. Thank you Matt!